Mason-Concrete worker

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of Education Level 4 vocational secondary educationForm of StudyFull-time school-based education (daytime)PrerequisiteBasic educationDuration3 years

Who is a mason-concrete worker and what can they do?

A mason-concrete worker is a skilled worker who can work either in a construction company or in a factory that manufactures concrete elements.

They are skilled in constructing and repairing walls, partitions, fireplaces, and chimneys from natural stones, bricks, and building blocks, as well as posts, vaults, etc. They know how to erect scaffolding, build or assemble formwork, work on concrete and reinforced concrete structures, and perform various finishing works. They are also adept at reading technical drawings.

How can one become a mason-concrete worker?

Prerequisite for starting: basic education

Form of study: full-time school-based education

Duration of study: 3 years

Volume of company internship during the study period: 40 ECTS credits, approximately 1040 astronomical hours

Upon completion of the program, a level 4 masonry vocational examination is taken.

What is learned?

Students gain knowledge in foundation and masonry work, and in construction-related carpentry, plastering, painting, and tiling. They learn to follow safety regulations and use ergonomic working techniques. In addition to professional knowledge, general education subjects are also studied, and vocational secondary education is obtained upon graduation.

What comes next?

Graduates of the program can look forward to stable employment, above-average salaries, and numerous opportunities in various fields such as construction companies, renovation firms, property maintenance companies, and building materials manufacturers. More entrepreneurial individuals may start their own businesses and continue learning in the construction field.


Merike Aruväli