Wood Products Technican

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 5 vocational educationForm of Studynon-stationary session study or workplace-based learningPrerequisiteSecondary educationDuration2 years

Who is a wood products technican and what can they do?

A wood products technican plans, organizes, and manufactures furniture and wood products from wood and wood-based materials, ensuring they meet quality standards.

How can one become a wood products technican ?

Form of study: non-stationary session study or workplace-based learning, with contact hours alternating with independent work. The organization of the study is flexible and takes into account the possibilities of working students.

Duration of study: 2 years.

Volume of company internship: 30 ECTS credits (approximately 780 astronomical hours).

Prerequisite for starting: secondary education or vocational education in a relevant field.

A final exam is taken upon completion of the curriculum.

What is learned?

Our school's wood products technology program is unique in the republic. Students learn about material science, the design and manufacture of furniture and wood products, planning and organizing work processes, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum module on Prototype Manufacturing ensures that students are capable of developing, designing, and advancing technologically innovative products. Wood sector students have the opportunity to enhance their skills at the wood processing and furniture production competence center, TSENTER.

What comes next?

A wood products technican possesses extensive knowledge of materials, equipment, and technologies, which allows them to work as a specialist in various positions within wood processing companies. A skilled specialist also has opportunities for rapid career advancement.


Lauri Tasso