Stonemason's apprentice

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 4 vocational educationForm of Studynon-stationary session study or workplace-based learningPrerequisiteno educational requirementDuration1 year

Who is a stonemason's apprentice and what can they do?

The main duties of a stonemason's apprentice include the construction, installation, and renovation of solid fuel heating systems (such as stoves, ovens, chimneys, etc.) and their components, under the supervision of a higher-level stonemason.

How can one become a stonemason's apprentice?

Prerequisite for starting: no educational requirement

Form of study: non-stationary session study or workplace-based learning, with sessions held one week per month

Duration of study: 1 year

Volume of company internship: 390 astronomical hours

Upon completion of the program, a level 3 stonemason's apprentice vocational examination is taken.

What is learned?

Students learn about various solid fuel heating systems made from bricks, different types of tiles and blocks, natural stone or other materials. These include masonry heating devices (such as stoves, ovens, and fireplaces) and associated systems (such as flues and chimneys), as well as manufacturer-responsible prefabricated heating devices and chimney systems (e.g., lightweight air-heating fireplaces, sauna heaters).

What comes next?

Upon completing the studies, the apprentice gains knowledge and practical skills to work under the guidance of a higher-level stonemason. After two years of experience under the supervision of a stonemason, it is possible to take the level 4 stonemason's vocational exam and continue working as an independent stonemason.

Merike Aruväli