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Feedback from Slovak students


Praktikandid Slovakkiast


We were practised in Võru County Vocational Training Centre in 9.-20. October 2017 through Erasmus+ programme.

We want to thank you for staying in your country for a while. We had a really nice time here, we have done a lot of things we will never forget (of course good things). We are really thankful for that we learned something new from our training branch, for tours that we had and for the provided accommodation in your dormitory. And of course that student party! Your school suprised us by the way that you are learning, because we have different way (old way) of learning, so this was really suprising. We were really excited from this trip and hope we will be able to come again.
Thank you Siret for all. May we meet again. :)

Your Slovak students

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