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German trainee teachers studied in VCVTC



In every society education is one of the most valuable pillars. Having the chance to experience this important cornerstone in another European country is a great experience and a great personal enrichment. We are three teachers from Germany and had the opportunity to be part of the European Erasmus+ exchange project. During our three-week stay in Estonia we had various insights into the Estonian vocational school system. We participated in mechatronics, english and catering management lessons. We even had the opportunity to give lessons ourselves which was both: challenging and fun. The latter outweighed in the end.

Besides experiencing a different school system we also had the chance of traveling a fascinating country. We explored the beautiful Estonian nature with its natural forests and the lovely seascape (although the temperatures in the end of March can be quite challenging). Apart from nature we also dived into the nightlife of Tallinn and Võru, went snowboarding in Otepää, „climbed“ the highest Baltic mountain (Suur Munamägi, 318 metres above sea level), and much more…

On top of everything we had the chance to experience Estonian hospitality. We were welcomed very warmly and everybody made sure that our stay is as comfortable as possible. Everybody involved made this trip unforgettable. Thank you so much.

Hüvasti Eesti!


Christopher, Markus, Teresa

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