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Introduction in English




A good school for life!


We are a school encouraging lifelong learning


Võru County Vocational Training Centre is the best internationally known and recognized education institution in Estonia, offering attractive involving and flexible teaching and supporting personal growth.



Võru County Vocational Training Centre is a vocational education institution located in southeastern Estonia, in Väimela, Võru County.

Võru County Vocational Training Centre was established in 1999 when two vocational education institutions were joint – Võru Industrial Technical School and Väimela Agriculture Technical School. Vocational education has been offered in Väimela since 1920.

On academic year 2017/18, the school has 395 students and 80 employees.

In addition to the main buildings the school has a campus, Tech House and the Centre of Competence for Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing (

We offer vocational education to students who just graduated 9th grade as well as those who finished high school. On some vocations, it is possible to study without having basic education and in sessional teaching as well as work-based teaching. The school actively organizes different complementary trainings to adult learners.


Our school offers vocational education in these fields


  • Energetics and automation (Mechatronic)
  • Construction (Cement-mason worker, Mason, Painter)
  • Information and communications technology (IT support and document compiler, IT-systems specialist, telecommunications specialist)
  • Mechatronics and metal processing (metal forming machine operator, APJ sheet metal forming machine operator, metal processing technician, welder)
  • Wood processing (Machine Operator, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, CNC machine operator, Wood Product Technician)


  • Business services (small-sized enterprised, business administration, small-sized companies’ marketing specialist)
  • Commerce (salesperson/customer service, sales representative)
  • Tourism, catering and housing services (cleaning assistant, assistant chef, hospitality services, heritage tourism management, hospitality management, catering management)


Võru County Vocational Training Centre has many long term international cooperation experiences. We have participated in different international projects and each year we take in many foreign trainees.

Võru County Vocational Training Centre is also a member of European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools (EAHT) and Baltic Sea Academy (BSA).

The school also has long term partners, from vocational schools in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Malta, Denmark and Belgium.




Welcome to Võru County Vocational Training Centre!



Telephone: +372 78 50 800

International projects:
Siret Lillemäe – project leader
Telephone: +372 78 50 821